• Study Guide Part 2

    1. How did blacks, coloureds, and Asians protest the increased restrictions placed on them in the early years of the South-African Union. Give Two examples:

    a. Tax boycotts 

    b. ANC was invented

    2. What influence did Ghandi have in South Africa?

    He influenced African leaders by accepting an Indian law-form in 1893 and influenced what they should try to accomplish in South Africa.


    Act Year Implemented Purpose of Act
    Prohibition of Marriages Act 1950 Follows its name, it was to prevent interracial marriages.
    Population Registration Act 1950 Where everyone was required to carry around little books that had all their info about them such as race, and such.
    Group Areas Act 1950 An act to divide every inch of the land up between the three races.
    Suppression of Communism Act 1950 The act of arresting anyone who they suspected to be a communist.

    4. What was the purpose of the Defiance Campaign?

    The protest against the unjust laws in the current system. To bring the attention to all races about the problem in the apartheid.

    5. Why did the various anti-apartheid groups join together as the Congress Alliance?

    To take the Defiance Campaign further, as many of the groups were already a part of the Defiance Campaign.

    6. How did the government respond to the Freedom Charter? 

    The government did not approve, but the congress did.

    7. What did the Alexandra bus boycott show both apartheid supporters and protesters?

    When the bus companies raised bus fares, it showed that(UGH I DONT KOW THIS ONESJKSDDFH)

    8. Why were PAC leaders unhappy with the ANC? Give three reasons:

    a. Because the ANC labeled their policies as a form of racism.

    b. Suggested that they weren’t interested in getting payed well, only treated well, and rejected a multiracial approach.

    c. The PAC equated their Africanism with racist doctrines of Afrikaners.

    9. Why did the protest at Sharpville become violent?

    The protest became violent because when the police fired at an unarmed group of protesters killing 69 and injuring 186.

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